meth vs coke

June 01, 1998

Methamphetamine and cocaine belong to the broad class of drugs called psychostimulants that also includes amphetamine and methylphenidate. The two drugs often are compared to each other because they produce similar mood-altering effects and both have a high potential for abuse and dependence. Methamphetamine and cocaine also share other similarities. However, the two drugs also exhibit significant differences. Here are some of these similarities and differences.


  • Methamphetamine is man-made.
  • Cocaine is plant-derived.

Common Methods of Use

  • Both methamphetamine and cocaine are commonly smoked, injected intravenously, or snorted.
  • Methamphetamine also is commonly ingested orally.

Geographic Patterns of Use

  • Methamphetamine use is highest in Honolulu, Hawaii, and western areas of the continental United States, particularly urban areas of California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Arizona. In recent years, methamphetamine use has increased in both rural and urban areas of the South and Midwest. (Source: Epidemiologic Trends in Drug Abuse: Advance Report, 1997, NIDA.)
  • Cocaine use shows no clear geographic pattern; regional rates of use vary from year to year. Cocaine use also is significantly higher in large metropolitan areas than in nonmetropolitan areas. (Source: Preliminary Results from the 1996 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.)

Euphoric Effects

  • When they are smoked or injected intravenously, both methamphetamine and cocaine produce an intense, extremely pleasurable “rush” almost immediately, followed by euphoria, referred to as a “high.”
  • When snorted, both methamphetamine and cocaine produce no intense rush and take longer to produce a high; orally ingested methamphetamine produces a similar effect.
  • Methamphetamine’s high lasts anywhere from 8 to 24 hours, and 50 percent of the drug is removed from the in 12 hours.
  • Cocaine’s high lasts anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes, and 50 percent of the drug is removed from the in 1 hour.

Physical and Mental Effects

  • The immediate effects of both methamphetamine and cocaine can include irritability and anxiety; increased temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure; and possible death.
  • Methamphetamine’s and cocaine’s short-term effects also can include increased activity, respiration, and wakefulness, and decreased appetite.
  • Effects of chronic abuse of either methamphetamine or cocaine can include dependence and possible stroke.
  • Chronic abuse of either methamphetamine or cocaine also can lead to psychotic behavior characterized by paranoia, hallucinations, mood disturbances, and violence. Anecdotal evidence suggests that violent behavior may be more common among chronic methamphetamine users than it is among chronic cocaine users.
  • Drug craving, paranoia, and depression can occur in addicted individuals who try to stop using either methamphetamine or cocaine.

Neurotoxic Effects

  • Methamphetamine is neurotoxic in animal species ranging from mice to monkeys; the drug damages the neurons that produce the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin. The usual doses taken by human methamphetamine abusers are comparable to the doses that produce neurotoxicity in animals.
  • Cocaine is not neurotoxic to dopamine and serotonin neurons.

Transmission of HIV/AIDS

  • Both methamphetamine and cocaine use contributes to transmission of HIV/AIDS through intravenous injection.
  • Methamphetamine use in conjunction with high-risk sexual behaviors and cocaine use in “sex-for-crack” exchanges also contribute to transmission of HIV/AIDS.

meth vs coke

Methamphetamine and cocaine contrast in appearance, meth vs coke ; euphoric impacts, wellbeing outcomes and road cost. pure cocaine for sale The normal meth client is not quite the same as the normal cocaine client, meth for sale and examination shows that meth is considerably more addictive than cocaine.

Cocaine and methamphetamines (meth) are both named energizers dependent on the manner by which they influence the body. They allegedly increment sharpness and loquacity just as give serious sentiments of thrill and happiness.

What’s Cocaine?

cocaine is utilized and mishandled by numerous individuals from style models to Hollywood superstars to Wall Street personas. Today, cocaine is delegated a Schedule II drug meaning people can possibly mishandle it however specialists may manage it for certain clinical uses remembering its utilization for specific medical procedures as a neighborhood sedative. meth vs coke  In the city, it is sold as a fine, whitish glasslike powder having different names as “day off,” “blow,” or “chip.” where can i buy cocaine Some clients even consolidate it with heroin to make what is known as “speedball.” pure cocaine for sale

meth for sale

How Is Cocaine Abused?

The fundamental courses of organization of cocaine are inward breath, intravenous, intranasal, and oral. An individual may grunt (intranasal organization) cocaine by breathing in it through their noses or scouring it onto the mucous tissues. Individuals may likewise utilize cocaine by infusing it (intravenous organization) where it’s legitimately delivered into the circulation system. Infusing the substance expands the force of the impacts it incites in the body and psyche. meth vs coke An individual may likewise smoke meth for sale cocaine where the ingestion into the circulation system will in general be like that of an infusion.

What Are Cocaine Side Effects?

An individual utilizing cocaine will have symptoms that incorporate the accompanying:

– Anxiety

– Tension

– Touchiness

– Suspicion

– You may realize an individual is utilizing cocaine in the event that they have:

High vitality levels and are more dynamic

Enlarged students

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Chipper or energized discourse

What Are fish scale coke
Withdrawal Symptoms?

At the point when an individual is mystically subject to the medication, they may encounter withdrawal indications in the event that they stop unexpectedly. The withdrawal side effects of cocaine may die down, however longings may return. meth vs coke The withdrawal manifestations are mental as well as physiological and they include:

Needing a greater amount of cocaine (desiring) meth for sale

-Feeling exhausted

-Having discouragement and tension

-Encountering absence of the sentiment of delight

-Unfit to focus

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-Encountering torment, quakes, chills, and hurts

Crystal Meth 

Methamphetamine is an engineered drug, which implies it is man-made. Remedy meth is showcased as Desoxyn, however in the city, it is illegally sold in powder or pill structure, or as gem meth, which resembles little shards of glass. It very well may be grunted, smoked, gulped, or infused when taken recreationally. meth vs coke

Methamphetamine, or meth, is a ground-breaking energizer known for its euphoric and vitality delivering impacts. The medication comes in a few structures, including pills, a slick earthy colored substance, meth for sale and a scentless powder that can be grunted or broken up in fluid. A few people who misuse meth additionally utilize a more intense rendition of this medication that arrives in a structure like precious stones or glass.


meth vs coke

Precious stone meth and ice are both road names for a solid type of meth. Precious stone meth contrasts from different sorts of methamphetamine additionally sold and manhandled for recreational purposes. The contrasts between precious stone meth and different types of meth are the quality and presence of the medications. While the two of them allude to a similar substance, precious stone meth alludes to the medication in a more strong, refined structure. meth vs coke  Knowing the contrasts between sorts of meth is significant in thinking about the dangers and expected outcomes of each.

Meth can cause a serious high that can keep going for a long time. During the high, the client feels ready, dynamic, and conscious. When impaired, it tends to be hard to think unmistakably or meth for sale use sound judgment, and practices might be unpredictable or unusual. Animosity, fierce practices, suspicion, and dreams can be symptoms of taking a lot of meth on the double or when meth use is interminable.

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Uses Of Crystal Meth 

Amphetamine drugs are recommended to treat an absence of center and consideration that is regularly connected with consideration shortage hyperactivity issue (ADHD). Meth capacities similarly and can, thusly, keep an individual alert, beneficial, and loaded with vitality for extensive stretches. Meth can over-burden the framework, nonetheless, meth vs coke and an overdose can prompt respiratory failure, stroke, and high internal heat levels that can cause kidney harm. Buy Concerta Online

Meth is viewed as incredibly addictive with even just a couple of employments. In 2016, around 684,000 American grown-ups battled with meth habit. pure cocaine for sale

meth vs coke

Long haul meth use can cause a wide scope of physical and enthusiastic issues, including extraordinary tingling and skin illnesses, dental rot known as “meth mouth,” undesirable weight reduction, rest issues, coordination issues, meth for sale and mental trips. pure cocaine for sale It can trigger potential enduring cerebrum harm, meth vs coke which can contrarily impact learning, memory, and passionate preparing capacities and even possibly lead to the beginning of the development issue Parkinson’s infection. buy crystal meth online withdrawal can be strongly passionate, prompting outrageous lows, sorrow, nervousness, touchiness, psychosis, and noteworthy desires.

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