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how much is a kilo of cocaine

You might be looking to know exactly how much does a kilo of cocaine cost. how much is a kilo of cocaine, But, you’ll not find any certain rules for the prices of cocaine. The prices vary and fluctuate depending on some different variables like demand, supply, conditions, location, etc.

Usually, the price increases double, triple, or so higher than is original sources. Another reason that affects on the increasing price is transportation. This is because a kilo of cocaine is around just $1800 in Colombia. But, it’ll cost up to $30,000 in New York City.

Also, the price gets cheaper if the city is nearby the Hubs or  2c-b vendor of the distribution network. Moreover, cocaine prices are typically somewhat cheaper and easily available in the urban. It’s costly in suburbs and the cost gets higher in the countryside.

how much is a kilo of cocaine

Cocaine prices will typically be cheaper in urban areas, more expensive in suburbs and noticeably higher in rural areas. Crack cocaine prices vary slightly. The prices listed below are only general estimates, the prices could be higher or lower. Also, cocaine is commonly mixed with cutting agents to increase the profits by the distributor. These cutting agents always take away from the purity of the much is a kilo of cocaine

Although it is more common to see quantities at the ounce level and below with a lower purity, it is not uncommon to find entire kilograms of cocaine that have been mixed with cutting agents. cocaine for sale Some traffickers will add cutting agents to a kilogram of cocaine and re-compress and re-package the block of cocaine. Price per Kilogram.





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